Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Tessa II 

Owned by David Robinson & family

Red & Tan Male Born: 20th July 2004

Noonbarra Nick was sold to David who works as a Fireman in northern NSW. He was purchased as a companion dog. David had been after one of our dogs for some time and was one of the many customers who contacted us about Noonbarra Solo. Unfortunately David missed out on solo but we are very proud that we have been able to supply him with a terrific young pup who has everything you could want in a dog.


G`day,  Stephen and Mary,      Well where do I start, we had a great trip home stopped every couple of hours in the six hour trip and Nick only went to the toilet once. He was quite happy just sleeping on the front seat beside me then when we stopped he would get out and have a run around.

He has settled in right from the time we got home he is everybody's friend he goes just about everywhere with us, I feel a bit mean when I leave for work and he is at the side of the car waiting to get in but he is so excited when I get home. My wife Kerri can't believe how smart he is, he is doing very well with down/stay, sit and come.

He follows me into the kitchen when it is feed time and  on command sits and stays till his meal is prepared then follows me outside and just the last couple of days I have had him to sit and wait till I tell him to eat. All this from a ten week old pup - amazing.

Nick does not seem to be afraid of anything he has already pushed a fair sized calf up the loading race at a friends place. He was outside the yards and I didn't think he would go in but he worked like a true professional. He is no problem to walk on a lead and goes for a half kilometre walk down to the bus stop most mornings. I can not go anywhere on our place without my new best friend tagging along behind. I must thank you both for the time you put into Nick before I picked him up and the time you spent with me on the day I got him, I learnt so much in those few hours and with the information folder which is just great I will make him a dog we can all be proud of.

Thanking you both for bringing this great little bloke into our lives.                              

David, Kerri, Luke, Mel & Chloe Robinson.

David when he came up to the Stud to pick up Nick.


Noonbarra Nick was already a keen worker as a little pup

Noonbarra Nick showing some of his wonderful style on the sheep


Noonbarra Nick having a rest


Waiting for another meal !!!


Noonbarra Nick was not sold to a working situation but like all Noonbarra Kelpies he took to working stock like a duck takes to water