Fawn & Tan Male. Born: Sept. 2000

Owned by Zoe & Jeremy of Newtown Sydney.

Noonbarra pekoe was sold to a young family in Newtown, Sydney, Australia. Zoe runs a bakery and often brings Pekoe to work with her. Zoe has kept in contact with us every few weeks and we very much appreciate the feedback and her dedication in training Pekoe.

Noonbarra Pekoe was picked up from our stud on Christmas Eve 2000.

Dec 2000:" Thank God (or Mary and Stephen) for the crate training. The first night we had a total of about 15 seconds of whimpering and then Pekoe fell asleep until morning. When I woke he was awake but sitting quietly and didn't make any noise until I eventually opened the crate. I as dreading going to bed because I thought he might keep us up all night crying. Not a peep all night! Both Jeremy and I thanked you that morning. Being Christmas, Pekoe promptly plonked himself down among all the presents under the tree and had a snooze. Someone tied a Christmas ribbon around his neck and he looked just like all the other presents!"

" Pekoe's toilet training has been going well. There has been only one accident in the house when he was very excited to see other dogs. But apart from that, he has been taking himself out to go. His 'Sit' command is well on the way."

"I have put him on a 'down-stay' and we kept him there for a good 30 minutes. He would whine a bit and try to creep closer but we were very vigilant. He seemed much calmer after a while. Pekoe is getting very good at putting himself to bed now. We tell him it's bed-time and get into bed ourselves and he goes and lies down in his crate. He will also get in it during the day to have a nap if he needs to.."

"Thank you again for all the work you have put into with Pekoe. He really is a happy, calm, well adjusted puppy."

Feb 2001: Dear Mary and Stephen, Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how well Pekoe is going. Both Jeremy and I just adore him and we just seem to fall in love with him more each day. He constantly keeps us amused with his antics and we marvel everyday at how smart and beautiful he is. I recently looked at your website again and re-read some of your customer comments, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate all the work and heart you put into your breeding. We are really loving having Pekoe in our lives and he is very much a part of our family at home and at work (all my staff adore him and regularly remind him that if he gets sick of us they will happily adopt him).

His commands are going really well. We have incorporated hand signals to go with 'sit', 'down', 'stay and 'come', and now he will respond to just the hand signal without the vocal command. We still use both though. Although he is with either Jeremy or I pretty much 24 hours a day, if we do leave him at home he is fine and won't whimper or bark or tear things up. Last weekend we took him to the beach for the first time and he had the time of his life. He picked a huge Rottweiller called Samson to chase and just stayed on Samson while Samson retrieved a ball out of the surf. Pekoe went straight into the water after Samson and had to keep swimming in circles as he couldn't touch the bottom where Samson was standing. We had to drag him back to where we were sitting and keep him in a down-stay because he was utterly exausted.

He now knows the sound of our house keys and jumps up (even if he has been sleeping) and runs to the door because he knows that means we are going out. If he's not coming I try and pick up the keys very quietly but if one just touches the other and makes the smallest noise his little head pops straight up and he tilts it off to one side. Very cute!

We have taught him to go to the toilet on command and do this every time we go out and before bed. He will do it every time now. He is still sleeping well through the night. Often he wakes up before me but he knows he isn't allowed to get up and play until I'm out of bed. He will just lie there patiently until I greet him. He even knows not to get off his bed if I am just getting up to go to the bathroom! The only naughtiness we have encountered is a bit of sock stealing. He is very sly and quick but we usually catch him. If we say 'leave it' he will usually drop it and scamper off. Although last night when we were watching TV we saw this blue sock fly two meters into the air. He would keep his paw on one end and pull the other with his mouth and then let it fling across the room.

I noticed that Gabby had her puppies on boxing day. The photo of the Gold/Cream one is amazing. Are you keeping the others from her litter? One of my staff Kerrie was rather taken with her and went straight home to show her husband on the website. They have both been very keen on getting a Kelpie after falling in love with Pekoe. Will she be for sale from 8 weeks?

...It's hard to stop writing about Pekoe because he's so fantastic!

August 2004

Hopefully you remember me, Jeremy and I bought Noonbarra Pekoe from you in December 2000. He is doing very well, we have bought a house in Sydney with some friends who also have a Kelpie, so he has a full-time playmate and a nice yard to run around in.


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